HBO Ad Blocker

HBO Ad Blocker

is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge
HBO Ad Blocker

Fed-Up Of HBO Ads? Use HBO Ad Blocker

Are you an HBO fanatic? Then here’s a surprise for you. All the HBO fans know how tiring and irritating it is to be interrupted by the ads on HBO. Since everyone loves to stream and enjoy their favorite videos Ad-free, we have created a free HBO Ad Blocker for you. Therefore, This is a user-friendly extension that strictly blocks all the ads from HBO while you watch your favorites.

Moreover, the extension blocks all the pre-roll video ads and ads between the videos. The best part is that this tool comes with lots of features. Furthermore, this Ad Blocker is ad-free. This is the perfect tool for this modern world where people want everything to be effortless. It works effectively and blocks all the Ads automatically. Therefore, once you install this extension, you can just sit back and let the tool work independently.

How To Install HBO Ad Blocker?

You can install this extension easily and quickly to your systems following these simple steps. However, please use either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers.

  • Firstly, please click here to reach the official chrome web store page where the Ad Blocker exists.
  • Now, hit the blue “ADD TO CHROME” button
  • Further, select the “ADD EXTENSION” option to install the HBO Ad Blocker to your system.

Therefore, the extension has been successfully installed on your device. Now, you can enjoy HBO Ad-Free and watch your favorite HBO videos without interruptions.

How To Use it?

Once installed, you can start using this user-friendly extension. Here’s how you can use it to block all the commercials from HBO and enjoy HBO streaming ad-free.

How To Use HBO Ad Blocker?

Note: Please make sure to enable the extension each time you open HBO to stream your favorite videos ad-free and without interruptions.


Features of HBO Ad Blocker


The best extension to block the pre-roll and other HBO ads are HBO AD BLOCKER. However, the best part is that it works on its own. It will automatically block and remove all the commercials from your HBO upon installation.

Yes, indeed. This Ad Blocker works effectively and automatically to delete all advertisements from HBO. All you have to do is install and let it work its wonders.

It is absolutely free to install and use this extension. Therefore, you can get this extension to block ads on HBO without investing in anything at all.

Yes, definitely. If you use this ad blocker, there is no threat to your device. Hence, it is entirely safe, and you can install this tool without any doubt.